Negligent Security

Safeguard your rights with a Comprehensive guide to Negligent Security

Are you or someone you know a victim of a violent crime? Do you often come across reports of criminal attacks in public spaces that are supposed to maintain certain standards of safety? While the criminal justice system takes care of the perpetrator in question, it is only a negligent security attorney who can help you financially recover the losses suffered in the process.

Wondering what constitutes a negligent security case? Let us break it down for you!

Often times, criminal activity can erupt in the middle of commercial premises where safety should be a priority. The types of acts normally pursued in these cases are shootings inside or outside of nightclub premises, parking lots stabbings on public transportation, attacks in parking garages, attacks in apartment complexes, sexual assaults in hotels, condominiums, or apartment buildings, or violent assaults in malls, at concerts, or other business establishments.

If you have encountered any crime on such business properties, then the owner of the property could be held liable for the security conditions that led to the crime. According to Georgia’s law, it is their legal duty to protect their customers, visitors, and tenants from any foreseeable dangers by implementing sufficient security on their property.

Those neglecting safety may be held accountable for damages in a security crisis. In order to safeguard both commercial property and their patrons, owners and occupiers in Georgia have an inherent responsibility to maintain a safe environment by administering adequate safety measures.

Here are some key factors that play a major role in preventing criminal attacks on commercial properties:

Absence or lack of security systems

In areas that are most prone to crimes, property owners are required to install security measures like cameras, key-card locks, secure windows, and clear fire exits. Failing to implement these, or worse yet, allowing broken or malfunctioning equipment to linger, may render them liable for negligent security if a customer or tenant is left vulnerable and falls victim to criminal attacks.

Inadequate or lack of security guard personnel

Security guards are often the unsung heroes in deterring criminal attacks. Therefore, having trained security personnel is of utmost importance. Refusal to hire or train them properly can lead to a negligent security claim if a business patron becomes a victim.

Poor or broken lighting

Criminals are known to target poorly lit areas, especially at night. If a business owner fails to provide proper lighting on their premises, creating an environment that is conducive to criminal activity, they could be held liable for negligent security if the attack was reasonably foreseeable.

Inadequate background checks

Skipping background checks on employees can lead to violent criminal attacks. In these cases, negligent security claims may arise if a company fails to conduct reasonable background checks, resulting in a gross violation
of security by its employees.


According to the 2020 crime statistics, Georgia, a place that grapples with rampant security challenges, recorded a general rate of 2407.45 crimes per 100,000 people, with a violent crime rate of 400.10 per 100,000 people. This underscores the necessity of the pursuit of negligent security cases, a terrain navigated masterfully by personal injury lawyers in the state. With the prevalence of crimes like assault, robbery, or shootings, there is scope for substantial compensation for victims if they seek competent legal assistance.

It is therefore important for you to turn to trusted attorneys who have the legal knowledge and practical know-how to guide you through such crises. So, stay aware and stay informed because your safety matters, as does your right to a secure life.