Taking the Road to Justice against Drunk Driving Accidents

In the hustle and bustle of Georgia’s roads, accidents are not a rarity. But when those accidents involve drunk or drugged driving, the stakes are automatically higher and the chances of justice are slimmer. That’s where legal representation can come in handy and help you secure not just financial compensation but also justice. In the aftermath of such accidents, the legal advice and advocacy provided by experts make navigating the complexities of the legal system far more seamless. As your dedicated allies, they tirelessly fight for your rights, offering the knowledge and support you need during a challenging time.

So, let us take you through the nuances of Georgia’s legal landscape for cases involving driving under the influence.

The Georgia General Assembly, as outlined in OCGA 40-5-55, clearly asserts that operating a vehicle under the influence poses an immediate threat to public safety and well-being.

Wrongful death cases often arise from drunk driving incidents involving head-on collisions that result in fatalities. Pedestrian and bicycle accidents are quite common, followed by hit-and-runs that often accompany DUI accident cases. The impact of intoxicated driving every day is quite alarming, to say the least. In Georgia, drunk or drugged driving causes approximately 33% of all traffic accidents and around 10,000 vehicular homicide deaths annually. Unfortunately, in the wake of such tragic incidents, the responsible party escapes with minimal consequence due to their relaxed state after a night of revelry.

Victims of drunk driving accidents, who have to go through undeniable suffering, find themselves grappling with legal twists and turns. Securing your rightful compensation in such convoluted scenarios ends up being paramount in terms of the legal hassles involved.

Wondering how to take action and overcome such dire crises?

Taking a stand against injustice begins with seeking legal assistance from attorneys and lawyers who are always ready to confront insurance companies, making sure the victim receives every dollar they are legally entitled to. Typically, settlements in DUI (driving under the influence) cases range from a minimum of $25,000.00 to $500,000.00 or more, contingent on factors like insurance coverage, corporate involvement, and the drunk driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC).

Choosing the right attorney, then, becomes crucial as they use their significant legal knowledge to handle insurance companies that are adept at exploiting those who settle for less. Legal pros, like Dunlap & Lakes, not only help procure maximum policy limits for the victims but also take insurance companies to court to secure verdicts for their clients.

This unwavering commitment to justice and fair play stems from a mission to empower victims who have faced the brunt of a civil wrong and a criminal act. It is, therefore, necessary to stay informed by virtue of the legal mastery of lawyers and attorneys, who guide you through the process and let you rise above injustice while restoring balance to your life.

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